My composing process is a truly personal one in that I write, perform, and engineer the entire composition.  My sound comes from many different influences, from classical training on guitar to the love of folk instruments, from the timbre of an orchestra to the soundscape of synthesizers, drum machines, and sampled sounds.  For the instruments that I can not play, I have a large network of talented musicians who help me to create the sound I am looking for.  

If you're looking for a song to complete your film or video, please browse through my discography to see if we have a fit.  If it's not there, contact me to create you something completely new.

I also am available for recording projects and have engineered, mixed, and mastered albums for various artists as can be seen under my recording portfolio.  My studio is rather portable, and many of these projects were recorded at multiple locations for the convinience of the artists.  

Thanks for stopping by!

- Jacob